morajeSuraj, a Director at McKinsey is the Managing Partner of our Manila practice where he helps private and public sector institutions develop into local and global champions. Suraj has been a management counsellor for over 16 years, being previously based in India, Belgium, and South Africa. Since joining the Firm, Suraj has worked across multiple industries including telecoms, technology, media, energy, banking, and manufacturing.

He is passionate about working with clients over a sustained period of time, to achieve lasting impact from conceptualisation to implementation. Suraj is a strong believer in the potential of technology to transform the quality of life in emerging markets, and has helped several clients and countries think through their approach to drive growth via technology. He is also passionate about mentoring bold leaders for tomorrow, especially those who can create a more meaningful role for business in society.

Suraj also serves on the Firm’s global committee responsible for electing new Partners.
Prior to joining McKinsey, Suraj received his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad and his Bachelor of Engineering from the Regional College of Engineering and Technology, in Surat.