stuart-rajStuart Jay Raj holds a degree in Cognitive and Applied Linguistics from Griffith University and is a polyglot who speaks languages predominantly from Europe, India and in particular, the languages and dialects spoken in Asia, with an emphasis on Southeast Asia. With fluency ranging from competent to native speaker in languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Lao, Indonesian, Malay, Javanese, Khmer, Vietnamese, Burmese, Hindi, Sanskrit, Spanish and Danish, along with skills in cross-cultural communication and international relations, Stuart has developed industry specific knowledge and skills with governments, militaries and corporations spanning across several domains, where he works on the ground across Asia bridging cultures through change management processes, crisis management and training.

Stuart is the author of the best-selling book ‘Cracking Thai Fundamentals - Installing a Thai Operating System for your mind’, has presented TEDx talks across the region in English and Mandarin, has hosted a TV show on Thailand’s Channel 5, worked extensively as a simultaneous interpreter including being on the international Miss Universe interpreting team for many years, and has spent years using his skills on the ground in often hostile situations helping to free victims held captive or incarcerated as a result of people smuggling and human trafficking activities happening across Southeast Asia.