rajiv-2As the Regional Vice President and General Manager for Operations of TELUS International Philippines, Rajiv is the on-site operational lead for the organization, bringing together all functional groups and providing leadership and coordination for the entire team in Manila.

Rajiv has spent 14 years in the contact center space, handling various accounts such as consumer electronics, financial services, utilities, telecommunications, technology and gaming. Rajiv’s dedication to TI-Philippines is unquestionable, having been with the company since 2004 when he started as Director of Operations.  Within just over a year, he was promoted to Vice President of Operations with primary focus on the financial services and outbound practice. He thrived in that role for five years before being appointed as the Vice President and Regional Head of Operations in 2010.  In 2013, he was promoted to Regional Vice President and General Manager for Operations.   Since taking over this role, Rajiv has elevated the company’s stature to greater heights.  Through his innovative approach and tireless work ethics, Rajiv has successfully rolled out numerous initiatives that have not just improved the organization’s overall bottom line but also enhanced the company’s culture of caring.  In 2016, TI-Philippines has grown its workforce to over 11,000 team members, has welcomed new accounts, and is launching its fifth facility.  TI-Philippines also scored an 84% engagement (employee satisfaction) rating.  As per AON Hewitt, any company at 65% is considered world-class for employee engagement.  

Rajiv currently serves as a board member of the TELUS International Philippines Community Board, which works with local community leaders to identify and fund grassroots charitable activities that will provide positive and sustained benefits within the Philippines.  He has lived in the Philippines for almost 15 years and loves his adopted homeland.  

Rajiv holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Delhi University, India.