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May 2014 – PRESENT

Senior Vice President



BPO / Office Leasing

Historically, Megaworld has been able to successfully address the office space requirements of traditional and BPO companies that were either entering or were already operating within the country. At that time and until now, he has been and continues to be in charge of determining Megaworld’s over-all strategy for the product development and leasing of office spaces in the company’s various townships. As a result, Megaworld has become the undisputed market leader in BPO / office leasing in terms of office space inventory. Moving forward, his primary task is to determine the direction to take for Megaworld to maintain its market dominance year on year.

Business Development

Each Megaworld township has residential, office and retail components as its main ingredients. But to complete Megaworld’s township developments, he also works closely with landowners, embassies, government agencies, schools, sports, recreation and fitness groups, medical and health care providers, and other institutional entities in order to create enough built-in support facilities that would address the needs of the community occupants. Doing so enabled the company to have a complete set service offerings in each of its townships.

Spokesperson of Megaworld

He regularly communicates with researchers, the press, writers and other media representatives to provide a clearer understanding of the company’s vision, with the goal of getting their various audiences on board in actively participating. This enables Megaworld to achieve its development objective of participating in nation-buildingthrough the promotion of business growth and employment creation for the progress and advancement of the Philippine economy.

Senior Executive for Investor Relations

His primary responsibility is to articulate the recurring income side of Megaworld’s business to its investors, various shareholders and analysts. Aside from this, however, he also regularly meets with the same audience to discuss the company’s plans and update them of the company’s overall financial performance on a periodic basis.

External Representative of Megaworld

He represents the Chairman in official functions or engagements whenever necessary. He also liaises with various national and local government entities to communicate the benefits of Megaworld’s projects for each township’s host city and help ensure local acceptance of each project. He also actively participates in international and local organizations such as Corenet, CEBIT, iBPAP, the American Chamber of Commerce and the Makati Business Club, among others, to help promote the interests of the Philippines in general and Megaworld in particular.

May 2006 – May 2014 First Vice President–Business Development & Leasing


As FVP for Business Development and Leasing he was responsible for providing the chairman with advise on the type of product mix, phasing plan and marketing strategy for the company’s township projects.

Also as First Vice-President he played a key role in the following activities:

1.Interphased with brokers and various players or stake holders in the real estate industry to assess market trends and the viability of various types of projects such as: office, residential, retail, institutional (i.e. schools, embassies), recreational, etc.

2.Represented the company in various organizations such as: iBPAP, AMCHAM, MBC, etc. and played an active role in these organizations to help promote the interest of the Philippines and of Megaworld Corporation.

3.Liaised with various national and local government entities to communicate the benefits of Megaworld’s projects to the locality where the project belonged to and helped ensure the project’s acceptance.

4.Represented the chairman in official functions or speaking engagements whenever necessary.

5.Headed the BPO/Office sector of the organization for various projects including but not limited to the following: Eastwood City (Quezon City), McKinley Hill (Fort Bonifacio), Newport City (Villamor), Iloilo, Cebu, etc.

November 2004 – May 2006

Vice President


Division Head – Urban Development



His responsibilities included developing and implementing business strategies to establish the company as a major player in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) / Call Center / Office sector.

As division head of the Urban Development Group, he was primarily responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of its flagship project --- EDSA Central, Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City.

Outside of Metro Manila, he was assigned the task of leasing and/or selling properties that have been identified for commercial/office and/or industrial use. Some of these properties were located in the following areas: Greenfield Automotive Park (GAP), Santa Rosa Business Park (SRBP), Mamplasan and Cabuyao, Laguna.

As Vice-President of GREENFIELD, he played a key role in the following activities:


Imparted to the organization the specialized requirements of BPO / Call Center companies and developed a physical and business plan that was geared towards establishing the company as a major player in this market segment.

Identified existing properties and future sites that may be used to address the growing requirements of BPO / Call Center companies. Thereafter, recommended the appropriate type of project to be undertaken and the phasing plan for the development.

Developed a marketing strategy to promote EDSA Central, Greenfield District as the premier BPO / Call Center Destination in the country. Part of the job entailed creating awareness on the BPO / Call Center strategy of the company. He did this by closely coordinating with various Government Agencies (i.e. Department of Trade and Industry, Board of Investments and the Philippine Economic Zone Authority), Brokerage Firms (i.e. CB Richard Ellis, Jones Lang La Salle, Colliers International, Leechiu and Associates, etc.) and Media (i.e. Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business World, etc.)


Ensured high occupancy levels for its retail properties in EDSA Central by identifying its niche in the market and aligning the tenancy mix and zoning of these areas based on this market positioning.

Provided inputs for the Project Development Group (PDG) and the property management group “GIRMI” to enable them to adequately design and maintain the retail spaces to suit the requirements of the retail clients.

Planned for the possible expansion of the retail areas to meet market demands.


Developed a marketing plan for the sale and/or lease of commercial and industrial lots.

Closely coordinated with the Sub-urban and residential group to ensure that the marketing plans for the commercial / industrial properties will enhance the value of the overall development for the Santa Rosa properties.

As Vice-President and Division head, he sat in the Management Committee (MANCOM) to represent and champion the interests of its flagship project (EDSA Central, Mandaluyong City), as well as the concerns of the BPO / Call Center, Commercial / Office and Industrial projects. He was also responsible for communicating with the stockholders in setting the directions for the company insofar as the abovementioned projects were concerned.

October 1999 – November 2004 Vice President


Responsibilities included developing and implementing marketing & sales strategies for

Eastwood City Cyberpark, the country’s premiere Information Technology (IT) Park.

As Vice-President of MLI, he played a key role in the following activities:

1.Participated and hosted briefings for various groups such as those of the American, European, Japanese, Singaporean, and Taiwanese trade missions.

2.Promoted and maintained excellent working relations between Megaworld and various government agencies such as the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Board of Investments (BOI) and the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

3.Attended and participated in meetings of various Chambers of Commerce such as the American, Canadian, European and ANZCham.

4.Met and updated brokerage firms (i.e. FPDSavills, Colliers Jardine, CB Richard Ellis, Jones Lang La Salle, Chesterton, etc.) regarding available office spaces and new developments within Eastwood City Cyberpark.

5.Conducted briefings for real estate groups (i.e. REBAP – Makati, Pasig) about Eastwood City Cyberpark and showed them opportunities for leasing and sales of office buildings.

6.Organized events to create content for MLI’s Marketing/PR campaign for Eastwood City Cyberpark.

7.Reviewed and approved write-ups and articles on Eastwood City Cyberpark prior to its release and publication by Magazines and the Major dailies (i.e. Profit, PC World, PDI, Manila Bulletin, Business world, and Philippine Star).

8.Conceptualized the Eastwood Locators Assistance Center (ELAC). The ELAC was a one-stop action center that provided support for local and multinational companies looking to set-up their businesses within Eastwood City Cyberpark.

As Vice-President, he was also very involved in the day-to-day operations of Eastwood City Cyberpark and provided vital inputs to the operations group on how to improve and enhance the services, features and amenities of the project. Furthermore, he actively contributed to the various government agencies in their formulation of policies and guidelines that will outline the IT agenda for the Philippines.

February 1, 1997 – October 1999 Executive Assistant to the Chairman


As Executive Assistant to the Chairman, his primarily task was to study, evaluate and explore areas identified by the Chairman as having strategic value to the company. He was also tasked to recommend the extent and magnitude by which the company may choose to participate in a particular project or industry.

The initial work he performed as an Executive Assistant to the Chairman was to study, analyze and compare the incentives being given by the Board of Investments (BOI) and the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) to developers of Industrial and/or Technology Parks. This knowledge would then be communicated and shared with the various departments within the organization to develop a product that would address the current demands of clients and investors alike.

The objective was to ensure that the products being developed by the company have value added components and were uniquely positioned in the market. This approach allowed the company to effectively market the product and ensure its quick take-up.

April 1996 - February 1997 Project Development Assistant III


(Residential Building Division)

As Project Development Assistant of the Residential Buildings Division, he was tasked to prepare initial project concepts and feasibility studies for ALI properties and other properties offered by Land Acquisition.

He coordinated with various ALI departments regarding strategies, budgets and marketing plans for possible projects.

He was also tasked to look at possible sites that can be considered as good prospects for developing residential projects. The basic parameters with regard to the type of Properties to be acquired are clearly outlined/ specified so that this can serve as a guide for the land acquisition group. In effect, this process helps the Land Acquisition Division look for the property/land that would best fit the needs of the Residential group.

As Project Development Assistant, he was responsible for coordinating the highlights, features and amenities of the project with the Marketing Department. This would enable the marketing department to effectively market and position the product. The Project Development Assistant also had to play a role in planning and preparing the event for the launching of the project.

He was also responsible for preparing financial reports and updates on developments of the Residential Project.

The Project Development Assistant was involved in developing the key strategies of the group so that it may meet its objective of preserving and enhancing ALI’s reputation as the premier developer of high-end/ high-quality residential projects.

He was also put to task in facilitating the preparation of the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis for the group.

October 1994 – April 1996 Project Development Assistant II

AYALA LAND, INC. (Land Acquisition Division)

As Project Development Assistant of Land Acquisitions Division, he assisted the Manager by providing sound and accurate analysis of the sites to be acquired. He did this by coordinating with technical field persons, brokers and end-users.

He conducted due diligence on properties prior to its purchase. Research with the Registry of Deeds was performed to ensure that the property is titled to the person or entity that the company was transacting with. Also, title trace backs were undertaken to ensure that there is clear ownership of the property and that it was free and clear from encumbrances and claims.

The Project Development Assistant was tasked to conduct ocular inspections of properties to make sure that it had access and it was not located in a flood prone or depressed area. Pictures of the area were taken so that those can be presented to Upper Management for an initial review. Included in the report to be submitted by the Project Development Assistant were findings on the current establishments or developments that were already in place within the vicinity.

The Project Development Assistant also took part in the conversion of agricultural land into residential or commercial properties. He did this by working with land conversion agents and the local government units.

In the process of preparing an offer to purchase for properties to be acquired -- the Project Development Assistant provided the Manager with financial projections to determine price thresholds for a potential lot acquisition. In addition, the Project Development Assistant had to identify its internal client (i.e. Residential Projects, Commercial Projects, Offices Projects, etc.) for the particular land acquisition. It also had to make sure that the purchase of the property would be within the budget. It was important for the project to have a reasonable price for the land so that the Residential, Commercial and/or Office Project would have a reasonable return and that the mark-up would be acceptable to upper management. The company’s representatives always had to be aware to negotiate for the best price of the land so that its customers can benefit from acquiring a very valuable property at the lowest possible price. This will then attract numerous buyers to the property because they are getting the best value for their investment.

In closing deals, he assisted the manager by preparing drafts of term sheets and contracts. He acted as the conduit between the Project Development Group and the Legal Department to make sure that the documents being prepared included the terms and conditions that have been agreed to between the BUYER and the SELLER.

June 1993 – October 1994 Project Development Assistant

AYALA LAND, INC. (Special Projects Division)

The Project Development Assistant of Special Projects was involved in the everyday monitoring and processing of reports for the progress of office building projects. He supported the Manager in ensuring that the project is finished on time, within the prescribed specifications and budget.

The Project Development Assistant supported the Manager who performs the function of owner representative in the construction site and various technical meetings. As representatives of the owner they were responsible for imparting the owner’s preferences and position on issues pertaining to technical and financial matters being discussed in meetings with contractors, designers and project managers.

As Project Development Assistant, he was given the right amount of exposure to learn and understand technical drawings and terms so that he can effectively communicate with the contractors and designers of the project. Part of the Project Development Assistant’s job was to learn how to measure scaled drawings and have a basic understanding of space planning.

The Project Development Assistant also prepared reports of billings by Designers and Contractors for proper monitoring.

The Project Development Assistant also played a support role in short-listing and evaluating special consultants for the design of the building’s common areas such as: parking, executive dining and canteen. He was also involved in ensuring that the design and function of the building’s facilities and utilities would make it easy for the property management team to take over and operate it.



-Class Salutatorian (U.P. Manila Graduating Class ’93)

-Graduated Magna Cum Laude (Bachelor of Arts major in Development Studies) on April 23, 1993

1985 – 1989 COLEGIO de SAN AGUSTIN, MAKATI Graduated with Honors on March 1989

1978 – 1985 COLEGIO de SAN AGUSTIN, MAKATI Graduated with Honors on March 1985


Date of Birth

23 April 1971

Civil Status





170 lbs.